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Enhance your work environment and protect the environment with one easy change to your process. At Transcription Solutions, we support customers with innovative digital archiving services in White Plains, NY. Fast, centrally-accessible, and safe for long-term storage, our paper-free alternative lets you preserve crucial information while also taking a positive step to reduce your environmental footprint.

Physical documents can be lost, damaged, or difficult to find space for. Electronic records offer a number of advances over paper, including:

No Required Storage Space

Safety from Accidents and the Elements

Convenient Access via Search Functions

Clarity for Review Purposes 

Dependable Medical Records Storage

We help you make the most of modern medical records storage technology with the latest in dynamic software tailored to your industry. Combined with our transcription service, you can streamline your process and leave more time to focus on the people who rely on your organization.  You get accurate records and a simple database from which to access them in the future.

Plus, you can build trust with consumers by reducing waste. With no paper documents to sort, store, and dispose of, you don’t have to worry about boxes piling up or the need to limit your on-hand information to keep your office orderly. Rely on us when you need to handle documents safely, efficiently, and without stress.


Contact our team today and discover all the advantages of keeping digital records. We proudly serve White Plains, NY, and the surrounding areas.

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