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The staff at Transcription Solutions is experienced in all areas of general business transcription for both audio and video file formats.

Our transcriptionist in White Plains, NY, covers the following types of specialty areas:

• Meeting Minutes
• HR Interviews

• Investigative Interviews
• Discussion and Focus Groups

• Research Interviews
• Conferences

• Books
• Autobiographies and Memoirs

Benefits of Using a Transcriptionist

What happens when you attend a business meeting or a legal proceeding, but you don’t entirely understand a piece of the content in the discussion? Most lose valuable information during the course of a meeting because you may not wholly grasp a topic. While trying to decipher what the conversation entails, the speaker has moved on to another subject leaving you confused and lost.

Medical or legal jargon can be easier to understand with  help from our range of professional transcription services. At Transcription Solutions, we offer a transparent, concise, and consistent professional transcription service so you can focus on the meeting while you leave the transcribing to us. We have the proficiency to listen to audio hearings and convert them into well organized and concise written documents.

Rely on our business to attend and transcribe scheduled meetings, or conference calls, for instance, to ensure you and your co-workers always have a verbatim text version of critical events within hours of their completion.

Time management is a significant concern for any professional. Now you can save time effortlessly by enlisting help from us. We professionally transcribe audio to text, and we can even provide archive services. This time-saving process will give you enough time to concentrate on other crucial work.

Free up Your Time with Transcription Services

Our professional transcription services have become an imperative for anyone in an industry that demands a better understanding of public speeches or audio files. At Transcription Solutions, our professional transcriptionist has the experience and equipment required to provide accurate transcriptions for you anytime.  

Contact us today at Transcription Solutions for more information or to schedule a transcriptionist for your next big meeting. We proudly serve White Plains, NY and the surrounding areas.